What is PMS/AIF?

Your assets in both the accumulation and distribution phase, need to be managed in a way that ensures the best potential for returns at the desired risk tolerance levels. Currently, three most popular wealth management routes are mutual funds, portfolio management services (PMS), and AIFs. Out of these three PMS and AIF are the ones which require higher minimum investments, entail higher risk factors and have the probability of higher returns.

Types of PMS

A quality portfolio is the one that is not too much diversified, & still offers the best risk-adjusted returns. With Sahi Advisory, this is identified through unbiased selection based on our proprietary analytics. It is easy to aspire for a long term horizon when making an investment, but practically very difficult to maintain. With us, this is achieved through our educative super simple & articulate proprietary content. Holding on to the portfolio requires high conviction in the portfolio at all points of time, else, one tends to exit early owing to the traps of emotions or impatience. We ensure our clients make informed investment decisions. Our Products are:

  • Large Cap PMS
  • MID & Small Cap PMS
  • Multi Cap PMS

Core Mutual Fund Portfolio

Principal Protection & Growth

Retire Confident

Cash Management